Key workers 100 Challenge

A reminder that our June challenge begins next week –

With the inspiration of Captain Tom, your challenge is to complete 100 miles (or more if you want a bigger challenge), to complete through running/jogging/walking/cycling etc. The aim is to do this challenge for a ‘Keyworker’ of your choice, and if you wish, to create a back sign like you would for the Race for Life. We will inform the people of the local community, so that you can get a wee cheer as you go, and you can cheer any Loirston pupils you see doing this challenge! Unfortunately, we are not permitted to create our own ‘Just Giving’ page, though you can donate to a charity of your choice if you wish.

Please keep us updated with your progress, and take some photos for the blog and Twitter -it would be great to collate some videos and pictures of pupils doing this challenge.

Good luck!

Mrs Greenhill

P7 Leavers’ Assembly

We plan to hold our Leavers’ Assembly on the original date of 2nd July at 10am. The assembly will be in the form of a livestream remote assembly and our P7 pupils will be present and participating in the assembly rather than watching live. Their parents are invited to attend live too.

I have given you advance notice of this in case you need to rearrange work patterns.

World of Work Week

Dear Parents/ Carers

World of Work week is planned for week beginning 22nd June. I have received a few emails from parents volunteering to create videos or join question and answer sessions. I will reply to those separately. If you would like to help us out and haven’t already let us know, please contact the school on

S. Campbell-Morgan

(Acting Head Teacher)

Live Assembly

Dear Parents/ Carers

We plan our second live assembly next week on 2nd June at 10am. It can be joined via this link

The assembly can be viewed by clicking on the link on any device and logging in with the pupil Google login details. We encourage all pupils to attend as we have a message for them! Please try the link beforehand. If successful you will see a message that says ‘Waiting for Streaming to begin, Please stand by.’

If you have any problems you can let us know before to avoid disappointment on the day.

For anyone who cannot make that time there will be a recording available.

S. Campbell-Morgan

(Acting Head Teacher)