Nursery Information


Today we received the information that due to the recent COVID cases within Aberdeen and the current Lockdown situation the Care Inspectorate has taken the decision in line with the recently updated guidance to review the hygiene practices in the current model of morning and afternoon sessions in local authority nurseries.

This means that changes must be made to how staffing is organised the format of the nursery day.

In order that these changes are fully implemented and to ensure the safety of the staff and children in nursery and on the advice of the Early Years Team nursery will not resume this Thursday as previously intimated but next Monday the 17th August.

We are receiving further information tomorrow and expect to give you an update about the return towards the end of the week.

We realise that this is a disappointment and I hope you understand that this is due to the recent localised outbreak and we are following Care Inspectorate and Local Authority instructions.

Thank you for your understanding

The Nursery Team


Information for Primary 1 – Session 2020/21

The P1 Staff and I are looking forward to welcoming our new P1 children to Loirston this week.  It will be a strange time for them as they did not have the normal transition, but the staff will support your children to help them establish routines and to become familiar with the school setting.


Your child will attend this week on the day that was indicated before the summer holidays.

Group A – Wednesday

Group B – Thursday

Group C – Friday

Please note that the Primary 1 children will attend from 9.30am until 12.30pm for their induction day this week and for the following 2 weeks starting full time on the 31st August. The start and finish times will change once the children start full time and I will inform you of this nearer the time.


The children will enter and exit at the allocated points stated in the information from Mrs Campbell- Morgan.

The children are starting a bit later than the Primary 2 children for 3 weeks to allow the Primary 2 children to get organised as it can be very busy in the line and in the corridors.  Also, because of the extra handwashing, the P2 children will take a little bit longer.

As you can come into the playground to drop off and pick up your children please ensure that you are socially distanced from other parents and from the class teacher/school staff.  If you have any specific information that you wish to communicate to the class teacher please contact the school office.



As the children will be at school for snack time can you provide a small snack that can fit in a pocket.  No containers please.  Children should also come with a named water bottle already filled.


There will be other information as the weeks pass and that will be communicated to you as necessary.

Thank you for your continuing support

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Trish Pert