Staffing update

Staffing Update

We are pleased to give you some positive news about the Head Teacher situation. Our Quality Improvement Officer (QIO) has been working extremely hard to fill the Acting Post and we are happy to tell you that Mrs Margaret Winton will be filling the post from Tuesday 31st October until Friday 22nd December. Mrs Winton is a very experienced Head Teacher who until recently was in position at Glashieburn Primary.
Mrs Winton will be supporting Miss Anderson and Mrs Pert to take forward the developments already in place within the school. Her experience in these areas will be a great asset to all staff.

School Bulletin Oct 2017 No.2

Loirston Primary School Bulletin
October 2017
Open Day
A huge “Thank You” to everyone who attended the school Open Day on Thursday 28th September. It was fantastic to see the school so busy and full of enthusiastic children sharing their learning with family and friends. It is great to see how many of you supported this event and the children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their school day with you all. It was lovely to read the class sign in and comment books afterwards and share the positive messages left by parents, family and friends with staff. Another big “Thank You” must go out to all staff for their hard work and dedication to the children. I am sure you will all agree that they all do a fabulous job.
First Aid
Another big “Thank You” to Jack’s Steakhouse for sponsoring our First Aid training for Primary 5, 6 and 7 pupils. The children received a full day of First Aid Training and are now awaiting their certificates to show their achievements.

Wildlife Garden
As many of you will have seen on the Parent Council Facebook page, a Litter Pick and tidy up of the Wildlife Garden has been arranged for Sunday 15th October between 10.00am and 12.00pm. The Parent Council would appreciate as many volunteers as possible, even if you cannot stay for the full time, every little bit of help will be much appreciated.

Staffing Update
It is with regret that I have to inform you that due to personal family circumstances I will not be returning to Loirston after the October break.
The school are being supported by the authority to recruit a permanent Head Teacher, the advert for applications for the post closes in the October holidays. In the interim period Miss Anderson and Mrs Pert will be in charge of the school on a day to day basis. The authority are seeking support from experienced Head Teachers within the city to support them with school development until a permanent Head Teacher can be appointed.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my short time at Loirston working with all staff, parents/carers and of course, the fantastic children.
Happier News
As some of you may know Miss Anderson gets married very soon. As of the 13th November she will be Mrs Hidson. I am sure you will join me in wishing her the best of luck for her upcoming wedding. We hope you have a fabulous day!

Dates for your Diary
Friday 13th October – Term 1 Ends
Monday 30th October – Term 2 Begins
Tuesday 7th November – Halloween Disco
Tuesday 14th November – Parents Evening 1 (6.30-8.30pm)
Thursday 16th November – Parents Evening 2 (3.30-5.30pm)
Friday 17th November – Inservice Day (School Closed to Pupils)
Saturday 25th November – School Christmas Fayre
Friday 22nd December – Term 2 Ends
*Further Dates to be released in the next school bulletin (Term 2)

Mrs Mitchell 

Loirston School Bulletin

Loirston School Bulletin No 3

Tel: 01224 897686 November 2016




Dear Parents/Carers

Term 2 is now underway with many events planned. Some of the important days are as follows:-

17th November                   Children in Need

This event will be organized by P7 pupils and more information will follow. 

18th November                   In-Service Day

21st November                   Scottish Book Week

More information to follow

28th November                   Book fair in school

2nd December                     Christmas Panels due in hall

3rd December                     Christmas Fayre in school hall

5th December                      Foodbank starts

Donations can be brought into school

6th December                      Book Fair ends

12th December                   Nativity Dress Rehearsal                2pm

13th December                   Nativity Performance 9.30am Donations to Cash for Kids

14th December                   Nativity Performance 2pm Donations to Cash for Kids

15th December                   Christmas Singalong 9.30am Donations to Cash for Kids

16th December                   Christmas Jumper Day Donations-Charity to be decided

16th December                   School Christmas Lunch

19th December                   P3-4 Party pm

20th December                   P1-2 Party pm

21st December                    Nursery Parties all day

22nd December                   Christmas Assembly 10am

22nd December                   P5-7 Disco pm

23rd December                   Informal Concert               am

Parents’ Evening

Appointment times will be with you this week. Mrs Downie will be in the hall on both 8th and 10th November demonstrating options for a Healthy Packed Lunch.

Staffing Updates

I will be starting part time this week, initially 4 days a week and, on the days I’m not here, Mrs Pert will be Acting Head Teacher.

In-Service Day

During the in-service day on the18th November the staff will be engaged in Maths training and looking at how best to meet the needs of all our learners particularly in Numeracy and Literacy.

Open Day and Learning Journeys

At our recent open day we helped many parents access our Learning Journeys, using the ILD website. If anyone is still having problems, please email Miss Anderson at

Daily Mile

The Daily Mile is going very well with staff and pupils already feeling improved fitness and alertness. Because of the amount of vehicles using the front of the school, we will be coning off that area while the Daily Mile is in progress each day. Please do not drop your children off at the front door or park there at the end of the day as this is a Health and Safety risk and taxis need access to the area.

Dogs in School

Despite previous reminders, we still encounter dog mess in our playground. This can pose a serious health risk. Dogs should not be in the school grounds or tethered to the school property. This is Aberdeen City Council’s policy and as above is in the interests of the health and safety of our children.

School Lunches

The school will be moving to a cashless catering system early next year and more information will be given to parents from Aberdeen City Council. We will have a trial day later this month which will not require you to do anything. Please make sure that any outstanding dinner tickets have been paid for prior to us starting the cashless catering.

Class News

We have all been working hard and learning a lot this session so far. Here are some of our highlights.

Primary 1 pupils have all been learning their sounds and starting to write.

Primary 2 have been doing particularly well in number work.

Primary 3 have been working hard and being good citizens to earn reward stickers.

Primary 3 – 4 and 4 have worked very well in drama and put together a mini Charlie and the Chocolate Factory play.

Primary 4/5 have been doing some exciting science and craft activities.

Primary 5 have been working hard to learn about the Titanic and built some fantastic models.

Primary 6 have also been working hard to learn about all the different organs in the body and how they work.

Primary 6/7 and 7 are taking a unique opportunity to see a performance in the Tivoli Theatre.

Some of our Yellow 8 pupils have been using the Wildlife garden to help inspire their writing

New academy

Our Primary 6 pupils, who will be the first pupils at the new academy, have started to take part in transition activities which will be ongoing throughout the year. They are also helping to make decisions about the name.

School Website

Just a reminder that this news bulletin and lots more information is also available at

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Acting Head Teacher


Loirston School Bulletin

No 2

Tel: 897686     September 2016





Holiday Weekend

A reminder that school is closed for the long weekend on Friday 23rd and Monday 26th September.

Dates for your Diary


23rd– 26th September-Holiday weekend

29/9/16 – Open Day for Parents/ Carers

7/10/16 – School closes for October Break

24/10/16-Term 2 starts

8/11/16 (6.30-8pm)-Parents’Evening

10/11/16 (3.30-5.30pm)- Parents’Evening


Staffing Updates

We have welcomed Ms Forbes who has filled our vacancy in Primary 3. Miss Catahan has just joined us this week and she will be filling a Support for Learning role and working with many pupils across the school. Mr Constable is teaching all stages in a cooperative learning style so that children can work in teams and listen to each others’ views. This will free up class teachers for some time each week to work with groups and individual pupils in their classes to give extra support.

Miss Anderson has been recently appointed Acting Depute Head to assist the Management Team until the new head teacher is in place.

Railway Safety

Some young children have been found on the railway line recently looking for Pokemons. We would like to remind parents that it is highly dangerous and, of course, illegal to trespass on the railway line.

It might be worth having a conversation with your children about this.


Our assemblies this term so far have focussed on the UN Rights of the child and pupils have been responding well to these as well as becoming much more aware of their rights and responsibilities.

We have been focussing particularly on:-

All children have the right to an education

All children have the right to relax and play

House Captains

We have recently appointed house captains and vice captains from our P7 year group. We will be discussing how we can raise the profiles of the houses with these pupils so that we can continue to promote positive behaviour.

The UN Rights of the child states that children have a right to be listened to so it is important to us that we take the views of our young people into consideration. We will shortly be forming a pupil council to represent all classes.

Information Updates

At all times we need to ensure we have up- to- date information regarding the children in our care. With this in mind if you have any updates to give the school could you please ensure that you call/write and let us know. This could be updates of new phone numbers including new mobile contacts, any changes in health (i.e.) allergies developed or other medical conditions such as asthma etc.

With regard to any health concerns you may have, Jill Rattray our school nurse would be happy to help out, lend a listening ear or offer advice.

She can be contacted by telephone on 01224 859751 or by e. mail on

Staff Car Park

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of access to the staff car park. No parents should park in the staff car park or drop off pupils there. The car park can become very congested. Pupils coming into school through the staff car park are in danger from reversing traffic etc.

Dogs in School

Again, just a reminder that dogs should not be in the school grounds or tethered to the school property. This is Aberdeen City Council’s policy and as above is in the interests of the health and safety of our children.

Open Day

The school will be open to parents and carers on Thursday 29th September 2016.Classes are open from 9.30 to 10.30am and 1.45 -2.45pm

The theme of the Open Day is the Learning Journey that all classes are now using the ILD to share work, targets and achievements with you.

I will be delivering 2 presentations to inform parents and carers about what to expect in the Learning Journey and why we do them and myself and Miss Anderson will be on hand throughout the day to assist anyone who is having any difficulty accessing the ILD.

School Lunches

Please ensure that any dinner tickets that are outstanding are paid before the end of term. It is very likely that the school will be moved over to Cashless Catering by then. Information will come to you directly from Aberdeen City Council about this soon. You can contact our cook Linda on 01224 89595 about any unpaid dinner tickets.

Water in School

Pupils are allowed and encouraged to drink still water freely in the class to prevent dehydration and help children to remain alert. Each pupil can take in a water bottle which they can fill up at the water fountains. Still water is the only drink allowed in the bottles as fizzy/sugary drinks etc. can cause tooth decay.

Parent Council

Here at Loirston we have a very active Parent Council who raise some much needed funds for the school. They give up much of their free time to support the school and the work they do really is appreciated by all. In the past they have run School Fayres, discos, bingo nights and take charge of all the organising and running of events such as the P7 Prom. They have also secured funding for equipment such as ICT for the school. We are always grateful for their support. Therefore we would like to welcome new parents to come along and join our Parent Council this session. Even if it is only a small amount of time that can be devoted it is always appreciated. Meetings will be scheduled and posted on the Blog. We really do appreciate all their efforts and it makes a real difference to our school.   Come along and you can find out what it’s all about.

PE and the Daily Mile

After the October Holidays our PE teacher Mrs Greenhill plans to implement the Daily Mile where all pupils and staff will go outside first thing in the morning after registration to run or walk round the school. The aim is simply to keep moving. Research has shown that this activity has an impact on concentration, fitness and wellbeing. We plan to do this Tuesday to Friday of each week and in most weathers so please ensure that your child has an appropriate jacket. No special kit is needed.

More information can be found here Blog

A reminder that here at Loirston we try to be eco friendly at all times and all relevant information will be published on our Blog. Lots of information is available on the blog. It is well worth subscribing by email so that you get alerts when something new is on there.


S Campbell-Morgan

Head Teacher


Loirston School Bulletin No. 6






Dear Parents/Carers

We are now well underway with our work this term and so far we have been very lucky with regard to the weather – experiencing very little to none of that white snow stuff! Classes are all very busy and there is lots going on every week. This term has also brought its own challenges with regard to staffing and I would like to thank you for your continued patience and understanding with regard to your contact with the school

Dates for Your Diary

9/2/16 – Parent council – Valentine Disco

15/2/16 – Mid Term Holiday – School closed to staff and pupils

16/2 & 17/2 – In Service Training – School closed to pupils

25/3/16 – Good Friday holiday – School closed to staff and pupils

1/4/16 – Easter Holidays

Parent Council – Disco

Many thanks to our Parent Council for giving up their time and organising this event. All should have received some information on the Blog regarding times etc. but in case you missed it I have added it here:

P1-3. Doors open at 6pm for a 6.15 start and finishes at 7pm (A slight change of time to allow for the queue)

P4-7. 7.15pm- 8.15pm. Any children from this disco who are permitted to walk home themselves must provide a letter from their parent/ guardian.

Please note that parents will not be allowed into the hall at drop off so please ensure your children have pennies beforehand. Parent helpers will assist your little ones with their jackets.

When collecting your child, please enter via the main door, collect your child from the hall and exit via the red unit- this is to keep traffic flowing in one direction. Children will not be allowed to leave without an adult nor older children without a letter.

As usual, there will be tuck and glow goods. Entry £1.50.

In Service Day

We are well under way with our planning for our in service day. We will be reviewing out Literacy Programme across the school, considering improvements we can make to reading skills and also develop our writing skills. We will also be considering developments within our mental and core maths with a view to ensuring we are planning progressive schemes of learning across the school. We will be developing our planning across all stages in the school from nursery to Primary Seven.

Staffing Situation

As you are aware we are in the recruitment process for the Head Teacher post. We hope to have this advertised over the next couple of weeks. My last day in post as Head Teacher is due to be 30th of March 2016.

We also have had Mrs Campbell – Morgan Acting up as DHT for some time. We are in the process of going through the official recruitment process for this in order to ensure we have a permanent DHT in post for the school.

Mrs Forrest has returned to school following her maternity leave and we are delighted to welcome her back. Mrs Forrest will be working on covering our teacher’s non class contact time by delivering art to all classes across the school this term.

This term Alison Stewart from our Nursery has been offered a secondment working with the authority in setting up a new Nursery provision in another school in the city. Alison has decided to take up this post and will be leaving Loirston for the period up until summer 2016. This is an exciting opportunity for Alison and we wish her well. We will miss her from our Nursery and look forward to her return. In order to cover this post the school have managed to recruit a new member of staff, Miss Bruce, who will take over from Alison when she leaves after the In service break. For the next two weeks Miss Bruce will be working in the nursery in order to receive a handover from Alison prior to her leaving.

Loirston has had some real difficulties with staffing shortages over the last year. Because of this staffing shortage you may note that you may have to wait for a longer period of time in order to make an appointment to see a member of the Senior Management Team. We all have added pressures to our already busy workload by teaching on a very regular basis and we would ask you to be patient and understanding with regard to our contact with you. We will of course endeavor to get in touch with you as soon as is possible.

I would also like to assure you that we are trying our utmost to ensure all pupils in the school are as well supported as they possibly can be within the current staffing available at school.


P1 to P7 staff are currently writing their yearly reports to go home at the end of term. The purpose of the report is to give you an overall picture of your child’s progress across this session. This year the report will be in a similar format to reports issued last year. We hope you find the information provided useful and welcome your comments on the feedback sheet attached. Should you have any queries regarding the report please do not hesitate to contact the school to arrange to see the class teacher following the Easter break.


Over the last couple of weeks we have had high numbers of sickness within our pupils and some of our staff members. Therefore we would like to issue some advice with regard to children who are not feeling well. We really want to aim to avoid spreading any sickness around the school. Therefore I have taken the opportunity to provide advice as detailed by the NHS. We do hope you find this useful.





We really are proud of how smartly all our children turn out at Loirston. Recently we had a query regarding children not wearing uniform. I would like to reassure you that this was due to Mrs Cowell and myself taking P.E.classes together with a view to circuit training and completing gym outside.

Car park

Can I please remind all Parents/Carers that our staff car park is for staff only. Some of our staff start work at 9.00 am and I am being informed that parents continue to use this car park to drop of pupils. Consequently staff cannot get parked in spaces that should be available to them. Please do not park in the staff car park and also please do not drop off pupils here. Our pupils are at risk of vehicles turning/reversing and we really do not want anyone to get hurt. Can I also remind all that the turning point is not an appropriate place to park your car at the start or end of the school day. Many thanks for your support with this.

Contacting the School/Phone Numbers

I have had a small number of parents noting that when they call the school they appear to be getting the answer machine and do not want to leave a message regarding reasons for absence etc. Please be assured that Maureen checks the message service many times during the school day. You will appreciate that Maureen is very busy and often has to leave the office with messages etc. Therefore if you do have information you want to give us or would like a ring back please leave a message and we will of course get back to you.

Please can I also remind Parents and Carers to provide us with any updates of phone numbers etc to keep us up to date. It is also very helpful if you make sure you call to let us know if your child is unwell/will not be attending school

Kay MacDonald