Online Safety Alert: Houseparty App

Some schools have reported that pupils have been using an app called “Houseparty” and accepting friend requests from people who they do not know. We felt this would be a good opportunity to remind pupils about online safety.

Keep Safe Online: What pupils need to know.
We all need to keep safe online: on our computers, devices, game consoles and on our mobile phones. This is a quick list of what you need to know to stay safe.
1. Don’t post any personal information online – like your address, email address or mobile number.
2. Think carefully before posting pictures, videos or live streaming of yourself. Once you’ve put content of yourself online most people can see it and may be able to download it, it’s not just yours anymore.
3. Keep your privacy settings as high as possible
4. Never give out your passwords
5. Don’t befriend people you don’t know
6. Don’t meet up with people you’ve met online. Speak to your parent or carer about people suggesting you do
7. Remember that not everyone online is who they say they are
8. Think carefully about what you say before you share something online
9. Respect other people’s views, even if you don’t agree with someone else’s views doesn’t mean you need to be rude
10. If you see something online that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or worried: leave the service or app, turn off your device and talk to a trusted adult. If anyone contacts you online in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell a trusted adult.

In some apps, your details might be shared with other people who are not your friends, but friends of someone else you are sharing with. Be aware, if you don’t know someone its best to leave the conversation.

Internet Safety

Loirston School is committed to being a school of responsible internet users. We are using an online tool to help us on this journey. It is called 360 degree safe and is recommended by Aberdeen City Council. We feel that this is very important in view of the ever changing world of technology that our young people live in so that we can help them to keep themselves safe and be mindful of others in their use of  social media and mobile phones.

To help us achieve this goal we have identified the priorities and set up a committee of pupils. This group of pupils will be called the ISRU (Internet Safety and Responsible Use) Team. They will start by looking at rules and sanctions for the use of mobile phones in school.We will be introducing the team to the school at assembly in the next few weeks. The plan is that they will promote the message of responsible use to the whole school community and that other pupils can go to them if they are worried about anything. We will let you know about any developments in the next few weeks.

We are sure that you will support us in the journey towards responsible use of the internet both in school and at home. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

S. Campbell-Morgan (DHT)