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Eco Update

Some members of the Eco Committe gave an update to the school in assembly on Monday. Here is the information they shared.
Litter Picking
It takes place at lunchtime each day until 1pm. Mondays – P4’s Tuesday – P3’s Wednesday – P7’s and P2’s Thursdays – P5’s Fridays – P6’s
Energy Monitors
The Eco Committee will continue to check lights, computers and whiteboards are turned off at break and lunch time. We will record the results on a chart in the hall. If everything has been turned off for a whole week the whole school will recieve a reward.
Healthy Eating
This has started this week at lunchtime. If a pupil eats a portion of fruit or vegetable as part of their lunch they can ask for a sticker to add to their classes chart in the hall. At the end of each month the winning class will recieve a fruit hamper.
Walk To School
We will be running a walk to school campaign for one month from 19th May. More information will follow shortly.
The Eco Committee has also written a letter which they are currently sending to local buisnesses asking for sponsorship to fund prizes for the ‘Healthy Eating’ and ‘Walk To School’ campaigns.

Eco Code Competition

Today in assembly some members of the Eco committee spoke to the school about a competition they are running this week.

The Eco committee are working hard to achieve the school’s first green flag award and one of the things they need to do is update the school’s Eco code.  The Eco code should reflect their current focus which is minimising litter, recycling and saving energy.  In order to achieve our green flag the whole school needs to be involved in creating the Eco code. 

Your child has been invited to submit as short poem, rap or slogan which should be simple and catchy so it is easy for everyone to remember.  Entries need to be handed to the Eco rep for each class by Friday morning and the winning Eco code will be announced soon after.

Good luck and be creative!

Miss Anderson and the Eco Committee

For more information about the green flag award look here at the Eco Schools Scotland Website.

Eco Committee Meeting – Tuesday, 10 May 2011

PRESENT; Mrs MacCallum, Carol, Georgina, Megan, Euan, Calum, Christie, Zoe C, Jack and Tony

 Sponsored Walk – this was discussed and as yet it still needs to be finalised with Miss McDonald.

 Donations – Letters of thanks need to be done.  Mrs MacCallum with do this along with some children.

 Makro have agreed to do juice and snacks for our Sponsored Walk.  They have also said that they will supply a small raffle prize.

 Fence  –  This is still a work in progress and we will keep you informed of future developments.

 Bins  – A big thank you to John the Janitor for putting them outside for us on a day-to-day basis.  Also thanks go to the children for using them.

 Next Meeting – TBA.

 Agenda – All on going business.



Eco Committee Meeting – Tuesday, 19 April 2011

PRESENT – Mrs MacCallum, Carol, Megan, Christie, Euan, Craig, Calum, Charlotte, Jack, Zoe C, Gemma, Tony, Erin

 Donations – a further £250 has been received from The J S Milne Foundation.  A big thank you goes out to them.

 So far our running total is £900.  Thanks to everyone so far for their donations.

 Dry Stone Wall – Through Georgina we have been given the name of someone who is willing to come and sort the wall for us.  A big thank you goes out to them both.

 Next Project – we are hoping to concentrate on a whole School Sponsored Walk around Cove.  We need to speak with Miss McDonald about possible dates, but at present we have pencilled in, provisionally,  6 June with a back up of 7 June.  We will require helpers for this date and more information will be available after our next meeting.  The funds raised from this walk with go towards School Funds, the Eco Committee (for completion of our fence) and a donation will be given to a Charity of the children’s choice.

 Competition Posters – Mrs MacCallum took some children outside to put up our winning posters.  They are now looking great.


While you are reading this on the blog you may be aware that there is a standard letter from the Eco Committee that we have been using for companies asking if they could possibly give us a donation.  If there is anyone out there that thinks the company they work for, or know of a company that is willing to help, please can you download the letter and pass it on to them on our behalf.  We would be grateful for any kind of donation.

Download the letter here.

 Bins  – the children are going to speak with John about putting these outside.

 Next Meeting – Tuesday 10 May 2011

Agenda – Sponsored Walk and WAIT AND SEE – fun afternoon!!!

              Fence Up Date.

Eco Committee Meeting – Tuesday, 15 March 2011


PRESENT; Mrs MacCallum, Carol, Georgina Downie (Parent Helper), Megan, Hannah, Calum, Matthew, Connor, Euan, Jack, Zoe C.


Parent Helper – Georgina Downie was welcome along to the meeting.  She came to tell us about “Earth Hour”.  This started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia and involved switching off lights for 1 hour to stand against climate change.  Since then more and more countries have participated.  This year it is happening on Saturday, 26 March 2011 at 8.30pm.  The aim is to get as many people in the world to switch off their lights for 1 hour from then.  It is hoped that this information will be put onto the blog for anyone to look at.


Waste Aware – Mrs MacCallum has received information from Waste Aware regarding activities that they can bring to the school in their “Bus”.  This information has been posted to all teachers via their emails.  It is taking place the week beginning 9 May 2011.


Litter Picking – The clean up of the Wildlife Garden and surrounding area went very well.  We have been asked to do a power point regarding this.  Cove Chronicle would also like an article for their next edition re this clean up.


Fence – We need to find out how we can raise funds to build this fence so that the Wildlife Garden is completely enclosed in.  We are going to write letters to companies to see if they would be willing to sponsor us.


Sponsor Walk – It has been suggested that we could do a whole school Sponsor Walk to raise funds.  This is at the very early stages just now and Miss McDonald will need to be spoken to about this.


Next Meeting – 29 March 2011

Loirston School "CLEAN UP CREW"

In conjunction with “Keep Scotland Beautiful”  Loirston School is organising a “Clean Up Crew” of children to help clean up the school grounds and wildlife garden on Monday 14th March.

We are also looking for adult volunteers to help. If you are interested please meet at the Nursery at 9.10am on Monday 14th March.