Loirston Parent Council

Minutes of meeting 14th April 2010
Present: , Karen Paterson, Pam Chapla, Cath McLeish, Hazel Rose, Sarah Boyne, Mhairi Stewart, Lynn Eddie, Hazel Scott, Fiona Watt, Alastair Gilmore, Michelle Monks, Kelly McGrogan, Lesley Hill. Teachers: Miss Kay MacDonald, Mrs Trish Pert
Apologies: Tracy Robinson, Scott Shearer, Shonagh Neave, Claire Whiffin, Angie Balloch, Louise Bennett, Sonia Innes, Tracy Leach.
Karen put forward an idea to the council of each primary year having a parent representative, to whom the parent forum could speak to raise issues at the council meeting and to Miss MacDonald and the management team. It was received well but would need more discussion to lay down guidelines of what issues could or could not be raised this way. Anyone who has any comments on this, please put them forward at the next meeting.
Teacher’s Report: A curricular evening has been provisionally booked for 11th May for parents to learn more about the new reading, maths schemes etc.
The P1 and Nursery parent induction evenings will be on 1st June and 8th June respectively.
Miss MacDonald will be linking with all the classrooms via their computer interactive whiteboards as part of the Glow initiative.
Miss MacDonald will be organising a meeting for the parents of those P7s going to Donolly.
Miss MacDonald will be issuing a bulletin in the near future with all these details and confirmed dates.
The school raised £900 from the book fayre, and the P6/P7s’ book is at its final edit stage, orders have been taken for this.
The school will be shut on May 3rd, 4th and also 6th for election day.
Upcoming Events: It was decided that we would not be doing a stall at the gala this year.
We will be organising a “Loirston Garden Party” on Saturday 29th May, 10am – 12 noon. It will include teas, coffees, juice & biscuits (£1 & 50p entry), raffle, treasure hunt, craft table, punch balls, and classes having an input too. There will be kids raffle with the prize of £50 Toys ‘r’ Us voucher. If you have any other ideas then please put them forward. Anyone who can provided a raffle prize or knows of companies who would donate a prize, please can they organise this.
“Bags 2 School” are returning on 11th May and it was suggested that if John the Janitor is ok with it, that people could drop their bags off the night before in the community lounge.
The next disco will be “shorts and shades” and is on Tuesday 29th June.
Treasurer’s Report: Karen had a bank statement for March 8th showing the balance standing at £1500.
Items for next agenda:
”Garden party” update and further organisation, Disco volunteers, Posh night volunteers, Parent year representatives, Teacher’s report, Treasurer’s report
Date of next meeting: WEDNESDAY 19TH MAY AT 6.15 PM