Early Level Sponsored Walk

In a previous post it was mistakingly written as a Primary 1 Sponsored Walk when, in fact, it was an Early Level Sponsored walk that included Nursery and Primary One.

Nursery raised an amazing £1315.70 that will be used to support the purchase of a workbench and tools and trays.

The P1 Sponsored Walk raised an incredible £944.15!!  We are amazed and are looking forward to developing outdoor areas for the children to access.

Thank you so much for your very generous donations.

Nursery and Primary Staff and Children

Primary 1 Information Meeting

Before the summer holidays an information meeting was arranged for the first Friday of the term.  This would only have been possible if all the children had been in by Friday.   The extra In-Service day was added that changed the timings of the P1 entry.

After some thought I decided that the meeting will no longer be tomorrow.  I apologise for the short notice but feel that to have a meeting on Monday is too late for the information that will be given.  Instead I will give information to both the morning and afternoon groups tomorrow.  This way everyone will receive information before Monday.  Please look out for this in your child’s bag (for morning children) and for the visits in the afternoon the children will give you the information.

If you are unsure about any of the information given please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for your ongoing support

Trish Pert



Fruity Friday

Just a reminder that the Health and Wellbeing Group will be running a ‘Fruity Friday’ Competition starting on Friday 17th May.  We are encouraging the eating of healthier snacks and hope that your child will bring a piece of fruit for snack each Friday.  Each class will be provided with a chart and those children who bring fruit will be marked on the chart.  At the end of term the class with the most fruit brought will get a reward.

The Health and Wellbeing Group hope that you can support us with this initiative.

For launch day tomorrow there will be a table of fruit at the front of the school.  The fruit has been kindly donated by the Co-op.

Thank you for your continued support

Miss Tough, Mrs Greenhill, Mrs Smith

and the Health and Wellbeing Group.