Amendment to Nursery Information

In a previous post it was stated that the recent changes in staffing due to the increase in cases in Aberdeen was an instruction from the Care Inspectorate. This is, in fact, inaccurate.

The Early Years Team instructed nurseries to implement these changes following the most recent Scottish Government Guidance to reduce the risk of transmission.

Return to Nursery

Now that the Early Years Team have confirmed the places offered to families we are in a position to organise the return to nursery.

The nursery team are really looking forward to welcoming back the continuing children on Thursday 13th August.

The ‘new start’ children who are due to start this term, including the children who should have started in April, will be invited in for an induction session from the WB 17th August. These inductions will be in birth date order (ie the older children first).

Families will be contacted next week with further details including start and finish times and entry and exit to nursery.

World of Work – Qand A Sessions

There has been a bit of confusion this morning accessing the meet for some.  Unfortunately Ms Gill had difficulty getting to the meeting and then she had internet issues.  I am hoping that she may be able to reschedule.

What I have realised is that the code that is being used to access the meet is the class code if pupils want to join the class.  The meeting code is something different – byynhit5ex. You can go directly to the meet icon (not the classroom link) and click on join a meet using this code.

Due to security restricitons these meets cannot be accessed by gmails that are not from education and should start with gw…….   An older brother or sister’s address can be used or please contact the office if you require an address.

Sorry for the confusion…hopefully the difficulties are addressed now! Technology!!!


World of Work – Q&A Sessions

World of Work – Q&A Sessions (Week beg 22/6/2020)

Please find below the timetable for Parent Volunteers who will be discussing their occupation and answering questions using a Google Meet.  Some of the parents have also prepared a video that you should watch before joining the Meet.

The meeting link for each session is :

or join the meeting with the Class Code – azd6nz7

It is very kind of these parents to give up their time and I hope that some children will join in the meetings.  All children in P4-7 already have logins.  For P1-3 children who do not have an older sibling in P4-7 they should have been sent log in details for the assembly. If you did not receive these details please email the school at

  • Monday 22nd June

Ms Gill (Social Worker)

10 – 10.30am – P1-P3                                         10.30 – 11am – P4 -P7



Mr Hamilton (Firefighter)

2-2.30pm – P1-P3                                                         2.30pm – 3pm – P4 -P7


Video link –



  • Tuesday 23rd June

Mrs Smith (coach and talent consultant)

10 – 10.30am – P1-P3                                         10.30 – 11am – P4 -P7


Video link –!Arfsgf4_5kuO5QJX-QijMqgiXEuz?e=AtCBZM



  • Wednesday 24th June

Mrs Love (Wedding Sales Consultant)

2-2.30pm – P1-P3                                                         2.30pm – 3pm – P4 -P7


Video Link –





  • Thursday 25th June

Mrs Blackman (MP)

10 – 10.30am – P1-P3                                         10.30 – 11am – P4 -P7

Video Link –

Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) – Session 2020/21

Parents of children continuing in nursery will be receiving information  from Aberdeen City Council’s Early Years Team to update you on your admissions application made to the Local Authority setting of your choice for your child/children.

The planned work to deliver the expansion of Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) from 600 hours to1140 hours has been disrupted due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions and the ongoing response to the pandemic. Regrettably, the delay caused by this disruption to the ELC expansion capital programme and the need for physical distancing arrangements when nursery settings return mean we are unable to provide additional hours of ELC. The Scottish Government recognises the impact of the pandemic on the ELC expansion programme and has temporarily removed the statutory duty to offer expanded hours.

The information from the Early Years Team that you will receive will further explain the procedures that now have to be followed for Session 2020/21