Loirston School Christmas Activity Dates

Below is a final reminder of Christmas Dates:-

Tuesday 12th December 2pm Nativity Performance

Wednesday 13th December 9.30am Nativity Performance

(tickets still available for both performances)

A photograph of your child dressed in their costume is available for sale for school funds at £2. During the performance parents may wish to take photographs or videos. If you do not wish your child to be filmed or photographed ACC policy suggests that you should remove them from the performance.

Thursday 14th December Sing-a-Long, School Hall

9.30 – 9.40 P1A & P1B
9.45 – 9.55 P1/2 & P2
10.00 – 10.10 P3A &P3B
10.15 – 10.25 P4 & P4/5
10.40 – 11.00 Morning Nursery
11.10 – 11.20 P5, P5/6 & P6
11.25 – 11.35 P7A & P7B

There will be tea/coffee and some festive treats. Come for your child/children’s performances and stay to watch all performances or you are welcome to leave afterwards.

Friday 15th December Christmas Jumper Day & Christmas Lunch

If your child is having a Christmas Lunch please make sure you have returned your child’s slip, and P4-P7 children have paid their lunch in advance.


Donations of party food will be gratefully received. Parent Council are providing juice. Any donations should be shop bought and wrapped. Thank you in advance.

Tuesday 19th P1 & P2 Party (PM)
Wednesday 20th AM & PM Nursery Parties (info to be given from nursery)
Wednesday 20th Christmas Assembly
Wednesday 20th P3 & P4 Party (PM)
Thursday 21st P5-P7 Disco (PM)

Friday 22nd December Informal Concert & End of Term

8th January 2018 Term Begins Again

Foodbank & Animal Foodbank Collection & Cash For Kids Mission Christmas Donations

Just a reminder that there are some tables at the front of the school for you to drop off any donations. Remember for both humans and animals the items should be non-perishable. We do not charge for tickets for any of our performances but collect donations for Mission Christmas (Cash for Kids) which supplies children locally.

School Calendars will also be available for sale during the Nativity Performance and the Sing-a-Long. £5 for one or £9 for two.

School Information Line

As we have already had some snow and there is a forecast of more, please find below the number to call for severe weather information.

Number 0870 054 1999 Pin Code (when asked for) 011470. Then press 1 for severe weather information.

We also have some very good news to announce – Mrs Helen Mitchell is expecting her second baby! Congratulations to both her and her husband!

All it leaves us to say is that all the staff and pupils of Loirston School hope you have an enjoyable Christmas.

“Self Entry System”

We would like to thank parents and children for their support whilst we are trialling the self entry system to reduce the time it takes for the children to enter the school. As with anything new in a trial period there are often adjustments which need to be made.
Just to clarify, children will line up as normal and as soon as the door is opened by a PSA the first line, P1a, P3a and P7a will enter school first. The next line will follow on as soon as the previous line goes in rather than waiting to be directed by an adult. This will hopefully make enable the children to enter the school in a quick and calm manner. We will continue to review the self entry system whilst we are trialling it.

Loirston Newsletter – Update November 2017

Loirston Newsletter – Update November 2017
Can we remind you that in the interest of the safety of your child please do not use the school car park to drop off or pick up children before or after school. It is acceptable practice if you have made a previous arrangement with the school.
Can we also remind you that in the interest of the safety of all our children please report to the office on arrival at school. The office staff will issue you with a badge which will allow you to walk to your destination. Thank you.
Pupil Support Staff
Following a meeting with the above staff group it has been decided that as of now the pupils should refer to PSA staff using their title i.e.
Mrs…….plus their surname
Miss…..plus their surname
Please see the list below:
Jackie Mrs. Barrister
Susan Miss Canney
Brenda Mrs. Flett
Jane Mrs. Mathieson
Doreen Mrs. Nelson
Linda Mrs. Somers
Morag Mrs. Stachan
Carol Mrs. West
Claire Mrs. Whiffin
Sarah Miss Work
Maureen Mrs. Middleton School Administrator.
We appreciate that this will not change overnight but gradually the pupils will accept the amendment. We very much appreciate your support with this change. Thank you.
Self – Entry

As we approach a colder weather period as of Monday we will be using a ‘self-entry’ system for pupils coming in to school. This means that at the beginning of each day, after break and lunch time, the PSA staff will open the doors for the pupils to enter school. The class teacher will either be in the peg area or in the class area. Thank you.