Sport Relief 2018 at Loirston School


Dear Parent / Carer,

Sport Relief 2018 is taking place between 17th – 23rd March and at Loirston we are doing our bit by holding a street jam / dance session for all classes (including nursery) on Thursday 22nd March.  There will also be a special sport related golden time on Friday 23rd March 2018.  The Primary 7 charity committee will be organising these events in school.  Pupils are invited to come along wearing sports clothes both days, (no football clothes please) and kindly pay a donation to take part in these activities.  The money raised will go to help people at home in the UK and around the world.

Thank you for your continued support.

Primary 7

Charity Committee



Accord Card Balance Alerts

“Due to a technical issue, parents/ carers that have an email account with Hotmail, MSN, Live, Skype or Outlook may find that they don’t receive their child’s weekly balance alert for their school meal cashless catering account. It’s most likely that the email can be found in your SPAM folder. The Accord Card team are working with our supplier to resolve the problem. In the meantime please do feel free to set up an email balance alert using an alternative email address or sign up to receive balance alerts by text message. Visit our Sign Up For Balance Alerts  website to set up alternative alerts . We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

Parent Minutes of Meeting 17.01.18


Parents – Fleur Tarling (FT), Jacqueline Murdoch (JM), Yvonne Buchan (YB), Vicky Ross (VR), Kelly Gordon (KG), Susan Strachan (SS)

School Representative – Mrs Winton, Mrs Pert & Mrs Hidson


Gillian Robertson (GR), Shonagh Neave (SN), Karen Strachan (KS), Claire Cowe (CC) & Ann Proctor (AP).


  • Welcome Apologies
  • School Update
  • Minutes of last meeting
  • Chairperson notes:Book FayreEaster BingoThank you letters from school pupils
  • Santa Shop
  • Valentines Disco
  • Christmas Fayre
  • Treasurers Report
  • AOCB



  • Mrs Winton provided an update on the staffing situation.  P6 teacher post has been advertised twice, no successful applicants as yet.
  • No date as yet for Mr Nicol taking over the Head Teacher role, should be no later than March.


  • Mrs Winton advised that she doesn’t feel there is much of a positive attitude towards the school, a lot of negativity being reported back to the staff.


  • SNSA update, Mrs Hidson & Mrs Pert to do bulletin for parents on the blog.
  • Message to go on the school blog advising that there is an open door policy at Loirston Primary School & parents are more than welcome to talk with staff regarding any issues instead of posting on social media.
  • JM to put a post on the Parent Council Facebook page advising that we are very short of help & support.
  • Mrs Hidson & Mrs Pert to advise costings for playdale lights, cameras etc.



Minutes of last meeting

  • Minutes of last meeting approved.
  • “No dogs allowed” signs to be placed around the school.
  •  “Childrens play zone” signs to be placed around the school.




  • VR to arrange the purchase of “No dogs allowed” signs & “Childrens play zone” signs.



  • The Christmas Fayre was successful again, we made £2154.91



  • More helpers required for the Santa Shop in future to allow children choice & to help with labels.
  • Mrs Hidson to arrange thank you letters for the raffles from the children.
  • Mr Hidson to arrange a personal thank you letter for Tyre Services.
  • FT/JM to provide letters P.C.



  • It was agreed that the Parent Council will take over the running of the Book Fayre.




  • Decision to be made on which days the Book Fayre will take place & whether it will run at the same time as Parents Evening.




  • The Valentines Disco will be held on Tuesday 20th February 2018.




  • Message to go on the Parent Council Facebook page advising that consent forms must be filled in for all children attending any discos from now on.  JM to do forms.
  • Consent forms to be available on the night for parents to fill in.
  • Request to be put out for more helpers for the late disco.
  • KG to purchase tuck.
  • JM to purchase glow.





  • The Easter Bingo will take place on 27th March 2018.




  • FT to check with SN & find out if she is available to purchase the Easter eggs.
  • SN, FT, JM, VR & YB helpers for the Easter Bingo.




  • The current bank balance taking into account outstanding cheques to be cashed is £10,682,74.
  • The Santa Shop made £348.23.
  • The Christmas Fayre made £2154.91.



  • Facebook page to be created for parent helpers.
  • Learning Journey updates (lack of).
  • Information on pupil council and other groups available to children.


  • JM to set up Facebook page for parent helpers.
  • Mrs Hidson – communicate on IT issues & groups.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 7th March 2018.



Artie’s Tartan Tales

I am pleased to inform you that Artie will be coming to school on Tuesday 6th March to perform stories and songs related to our current Health theme.

“Artie’s Tartan Tales” is a unique, interactive musical show, created and performed by the founder and star of the children’s entertainment phenomenon “The Singing Kettle”.

“Artie’s Tartan Tales” weaves traditional children’s stories and songs into an engaging and entertaining experience for all the family.

All stages from morning nursery to Primary 5 will attend as it is only relevant to those stages.

Could I ask that every child donate £1 to cover the cost of the production?

(This excludes Nursery as they have already made a donation.)

I’m sure that the children will enjoy the performance and it will enhance their learning experiences.

Trish Pert

Depute Head Teacher