Cove & Altens Community Council

Cove and Altens Community Council Minutes of meeting 331 Monday 27 May 2019 at Loirston School

1 Welcome, sederunt and apologies Michele McPartlin (chair) welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Community councillors present: Michele McPartlin, Raymond Clark, Brian Allan, Mike Duncan, Margaret Lockens, Marlene Westland, Sue Porter, Lynn Thomson (minutes).

Other attendees: PCs Dainton & Burns (Police Scotland), Dr Alasdair Jamieson (Cove and Kincorth Medical Practice), Councillor Philip Sellar, Councillor Stephen Flynn, Councillor Alec Nicoll.

Residents: Jim Henderson & Wendy Suttar (Cove in Bloom and Cove Woodland Trust), Susan & George Clark (Burnbanks Village Residents Association),

Apologies: Councillor Sarah Duncan, Lauren Allanach, Ian Wilson (resident), Ash Forbes (resident/BTP), Colin Nicoll (Loirston School), Neil Hendry (Lochside Academy).

2 Guest speaker: Dr Alasdair Jamieson Dr Jamieson advised that recruitment wise, the surgery was doing better than most others at the moment. Several attendees asked about the potential increased pressure caused by new housing. Dr Jamieson responded that as long as numbers increased gradually the surgery should cope. Michele noted that land next to the surgery could be used for expansion, however, Dr Jamieson explained that as it was a PFI building, owned by an external company, expansion was not straightforward. Dr Jamieson advised that residents from the proposed Loirston Loch development would be expected to attend Cove & Kincorth surgery, although there may well be potential for a community pharmacy in this area if the development goes ahead.

There were several questions about waiting times for appointments. Dr Jamieson explained that a new Advanced Nurse Practitioner had just been appointed and once in post, will have a significant positive impact on waiting times. The waiting times had crept up due to staff illness and the resignation of the previous ANP. He added that the surgery was hoping to start an online booking system in the near future and that telephone consultations were also available. Sue Clark advised that it was sometimes difficult to cancel an appointment by phone due to the phone line being busy and that there wasn’t a keypad option for patients to advise the surgery accordingly. Dr Jamieson advised that this would be considered.

In response to a question about the previous patient experience group which was discontinued, Dr Jamieson advised that he would be keen to restart this group and saw value in this group helping to also work closely with the community to promote wellbeing. He’s also keen to link in with facilities such as the Woodland Walk, allotments and Men’s Shed as there is a huge need for activities to support and enhance mental wellbeing. Dr Jamieson left the meeting at 7.35pm.

ve and Altens Community Council Minutes of meeting 331 Monday 27 May 2019 at Loirston School

Loirston Primary Parent Council Meeting

Loirston Primary Parent Council Meeting

Tuesday 25th June 2019, 6.15pm-6.30pm start

Community Lounge – All Welcome



  • Welcome/Apologies
  • Approve minutes of last meeting/review outstanding actions
  • Fundraising committee update
  • Treasurers Report
  • School Update
  • Quality Improvement Officer – introduction and update
  • Feedback on homework survey from parents evenings
  • Staffing update
  • Chairperson Notes
  • Constitution update – draft now available
  • Termly meetings update
  • newsletter
  • Parental Engagement
  • How you can get involved in either the parent council, the fundraising group or just volunteer at events
  • How do we get more parents involved in the parent council and subgroups?
  • What happens if there are no office bearers next school year?
  • AOB
  • Date of next meeting – AGM 3rd September 2019

Outdoor Learning Group

The Outdoor Learning Group are looking for donations of the following items that hopefully parents/carers might have spare:

– Old pots and pans

– Bricks

– Planks of wood (nails removed)

– Small cable wheels

– Pipes/guttering

– Ropes

– Materials for den building (old bedding/shower curtains)

– Clothes pegs

Miss Carle who organises the Outdoor Learning Group is happy for people to email her directly to check donations –  We want to avoid having too much of the same material because there is limited space to store it.

Parental Involvement in Schools

“Please take part in this survey around Parental Involvement in school. We value all of your responses and will use them to plan for our next steps in parental engagement opportunities and programmes”





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