World of Work Week

I just posted the below email to parents who offered to help us during our World of Work week beginning 22nd June. If I have missed you, apologies and please contact the school to let me know.. Anyone else wishing to help out please feel free to let us know and create any of the suggested videos,

Dear parents who have offered help,

Please feel free to start making your videos where you tell us what you do or where you tell us what tasks you do and we guess what your job is or even both if you are really keen. If you have any objects/ tools you want to show that would be great too.

Maybe you could also let me know if you have availability any time in week beg 22/6 to do a live Q and A session.

Thank you so much. We really appreciate your help

S. Campbell-Morgan

(Acting Head Teacher)


Dear Parents/ Carers,

We are planning a live assembly on 24th June at 9.30 am where we will discuss with pupils a little of what the return will look like. Then we plan the P7 Leavers’ Assembly on 2nd July at 10am. Links will be sent to you later.

I know that many of you are anxious about how/ when your child will attend school in August. This is being worked out currently and as soon as we have this information we will let you know. If you have emailed enquiring, apologies if I have not yet got back to you.

S. Campbell-Morgan

(Acting Head Teacher)

Teacher Meetings

Dear Parents/ Carers

Between now and end of term, there will be occasions where teachers are involved in the planning and preparation process for next session.  Rest assured home learning will continue but it may result in occasional delays of teacher feedback.

Any urgent queries can be sent to and will be passed to a relevant staff member.

Thanks for your patience

Mrs Campbell-Morgan

(Acting Head Teacher)

Primary 5

From today Mr Pirrie will take over the day to day running of the Primary 5 class. He will be available regularly to interact with the pupils.  This will give Mrs Campbell-Morgan, Mrs Hidson and Ms Pert more time to plan for the return to school.


Please remember that we have our second live assembly at 10am tomorrow. The assembly will be available to watch on this link and by entering the pupil school google account details.