School Plan

Dear Parents/ Carers,

You will be aware that today I had planned to publish our School Recovery Plan which will now become our contingency plan.

Yesterday, John Swinney, the Depute First Minister (DFM), made a statement in Parliament which detailed the ambition of The Scottish Government for all children and young people to return to school full- time in August 2020. The DFM stressed that it is an aim which the Government is now working towards but it “remains conditional and dependent upon ongoing scientific and health advice.”

You’ll be aware that all schools were asked to develop a Plan to detail the arrangements made for ‘blended learning’, this is the plan I refer to above and now acts as our Contingency Plan.  The Plan details all the arrangements made to keep our children safe and outlines a number of new arrangements to ensure physical distancing.  The Plan also outlines how children will access in-school learning if we are asked to deliver education in this way in August.

We now know that this plan will only be enacted if the scientific and health advice determine that it is unsafe for children and staff to return to school full time.  We currently await further guidance in light of the DFM statement yesterday and plan to share contingency arrangements with you as soon as we can check our approach against updated guidance.

I understand completely that this again put you in a situation where you still have no information. What I can tell you is that we should be in a position to tell you which class your child will be in and which teacher they will have by Monday.

I thank you for your patience in this and understand how hard it is for all of you.


(Acting Head Teacher)

News this week so far

Dear Parents/ Carers,

I have entitled this news so far as I’m sure there will be more!

Assembly- The link to watch this live at 9.30am on Wednesday this week is here

It will, as usual, be recorded and that link can be requested afterwards if anyone is unable to watch live.

Meet the Teacher Events-We hope to have your child’s teacher/class/group info out to you by the end of the week or early next week. We have planned Google Meet-meet the teacher events for the afternoon of Thursday 2nd July as this is something we physically do every year. More details of times and links will follow.

Primary 1-more information re extra transition events will come out to later today from Ms Pert who is in charge of that area.

School Recovery Plan-this will be posted to our website on Wednesday this week in line with all other schools in Aberdeen City. More information specific to your child should follow soon afterwards. Again I understand what an anxious time this is for all and thank you for your patience.


(Acting Head Teacher)


World of Work week

Ms Pert has communicated with you separately re our World of Work activities which are planned for next week. Thank you to all parents who are helping us out.  Pupils will also be undertaking activities around the world of work and look at skills they learn and how these will help them later in life on an ongoing basis.


One of the themes of our planned live assembly will be a general discussion of how things will look when they return eg looking at signs, social distancing and handwashing etc.

More detailed booklets will be sent to you before your child returns in August.

We will also spend time on your child’s first day back orientating around the area of the school and looking at one way systems etc.

I do understand that parents are anxiously awaiting plans of how schools are going to manage the return and I will keep you informed as soon as I am in a position to.

LDPP Meeting

Dear Parents/ Carers
Parent Council chairpersons across the city have been asked to attend a meeting with the chief education officer on Wednesday 17th June to help answer any questions parents have about the Local Delivery Phasing Plan which I issued on Friday Please get in touch with the parent Council  through Facebook or email on if you have any questions that you would like raised at the meeting.
(Acting Head Teacher)