Wear a Hat Day

We have been thinking of ways that we can remain ‘normal’ in this closure period.  We would like to suggest ways that we can come together as a school community.  For the first activity we are going to continue with the ‘Wear a Hat Day’ for Brain Tumour Research and Charlie House on Friday 3rd April in memory of Amy Lornie.  Pupils and Staff will be encouraged to make or wear a hat and post a photograph and, with your permission, we would share these photographs on Twitter.

We would also ask for donations but do realise that families could be struggling financially at this time so are under no obligation to do this.  Donations should be given via a Justgiving Page that will be set up by Amy’s mum.

There will be other ways that we can all stay connected as it is important to let the children know that they are still a part of Loirston School even if they are not physically there.

We are not disappearing and will be constantly in touch with the children and yourselves.  If there are any queries or concerns please e-mail loirston@aberdeencity.gov.uk.  Your e-mail will then be passed on to the correct member of staff who will then contact you.

We will miss all our pupils and are thinking of you all. Please take care!!

Coronavirus Update

We continue to take Government and Authority advice and will update you as soon as we hear anything new.
It is important that pupils do not come to school if they have symptoms such as a new continuous cough or a fever/ high temperature. This may make them feel warm, cold or shivery. Please continue to take advice from https://www.nhsinform.scot/illnesses-and-conditions/infections-and-poisoning/coronavirus-covid-19

Following government advice yesterday, it is important that pupils stay at home for seven days if they display any symptoms.


Members of a household where someone has suspected symptoms should stay at home for 14 days.

From tomorrow, we are asking all pupils to come to school with a refillable water bottle.

Outdoor Learning

We are asking parents/ carers to support us by not entering the Wildlife Garden in our playground when lessons are taking place in there. We have an excellent stock of Loose Parts for outdoor education and the outdoor environment is carefully timetabled for all classes. Lessons focus on problem solving, team building and many curricular areas. It becomes more difficult for us to maintain engagement and ensure safety when parents/ carers enter.

Coronavirus Update

You will be aware from today’s media that the coronavirus has been now been linked to Shell in Aberdeen.  This should not cause alarm, Shell will be working very proactively to support the member of staff and Public Health will be looking at any associated risks.  We would like to remind you that the advice from Aberdeen City Council is that there is no need for any pupil to self-isolate unless they have travelled to one of the risk areas or if the NHS has advised this course of action.
We will keep you fully updated as soon as the situation changes.