Open Evening

Just a reminder that our Open Evening is on Tuesday 14th January from 4.30pm till 6.30pm in the School Hall. Staff will be showcasing Literacy and Technology and the updated Anti Bullying Policy will be on display. There will also be the Uniform Swap if anyone wants to bring or take away unneeded uniform items. We look forward to seeing you all on the evening.

Parent Council Agenda

Please see below the agenda for the Parent Council Meeting on 14th February

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please come along, join us for a cup of tea and a chat, where you can meet and join the current Parent Council and find out more on how you can help.

The agenda is detailed below.  All parents are welcome to attend.

It will take place in the school’s Community Lounge on Tuesday 14th January 2020 at 6.30pm.

Loirston Primary School Parent Council Agenda

  • Welcome/Apologies
  • Approve minutes of last meeting minutes
  • Matter arising/Outstanding actions from the previous meeting
  • School Update
  • Treasurers Report
  • Fundraising Subgroup Update
  • Chairperson Update
  • AOCB
    • Anti-Bullying policy
    • Parent Council Café
    • Christmas Activities
    • Other


  • Date of next meeting – 11th March 2020

P1 Enrolment Info

Please see below information regarding enrolment of P1 pupils

Starting Primary 1 in Aberdeen City

All children who will reach the age of five on or before the start of the new school session in August 2020 should start primary school in August 2020. Children who reach the age of five after the start of the new school session in August 2020, but before the last day of February 2021 may also be enrolled for primary school in August 2020.

Applications for P.1 should be made by 24th January 2020.

Before you apply for a school place online, you will need to set up an account. This is so you can track the progress of your application.

You will need to provide us with evidence of where you live, your child’s birth certificate and any other information specific to your case. You can upload these to the form when you apply. We will accept photographs of documents as long as we can see the whole document clearly.

Apply for a school place

You can enter your postcode on our school zone map to find your zoned school.

Check the school zone map

You have the right to apply for a place at any school in Aberdeen City, but if you do not apply for your zoned school we can’t guarantee you a place there. We advise that you apply for both your zoned school and your preferred school. 

Deferring entry to Primary 1

If your child will turn five after 19 August 2020 but on or before 28 February 2021, you may choose not to enrol them at school until August 2021.

Children with August to December birthdays are not automatically entitled to an additional year of early learning and childcare. We will only provide a place where there is a sound educational reason to defer. Requests are considered by a panel in February 2020. The staff at your child’s early learning and childcare centre will help you to complete a request form.

If you choose to defer entry to primary school and the child has a January or February birthday, the child will be guaranteed an early learning and childcare place in his/her deferred year. You only need to complete a standard application form.

Early entry to Primary 1

Parents can request early entry to primary school. We do not normally admit children who are five after the February 2021 closing date.

The Head Teacher of your chosen school will consider your application for early entry to Primary 1. They will assess the child’s ability and aptitude but must consider wider issues including whether the primary class can suitably meet the needs of the child.

Nursery Enrolment Info

Please see below information regarding enrolment of Nursery age children.

Nursery Enrolment in Aberdeen City

If your child was born between March 2016 and February 2018 they are entitled to an Early Learning and Childcare place during 2020/21.

A child may start nursery in the school term after his/her third birthday. The Standards in Scotland’s Schools etc. Act 2000 defines the three school terms as follows:

  • Term 1: August to December
  • Term 2: January to March
  • Term 3: April to July

Children are entitled to an early learning and childcare place in the school term following their third birthday. Children in their immediate pre-school year are entitled to a whole year of Early Learning and Childcare.

Month of birth  Entitled to a place from 
March to August August – after the summer holidays; children may start once they have reached the age of three
September to December January – after the Christmas holidays
January to February April – after the Easter holidays


For Nursery places in Aberdeen City schools, application forms are available in all primary schools with a nursery class between 27th January and 7th February.

Completed forms should be returned to schools by Friday 7th February 2020.

Late applications will be accepted throughout the school session, but this will reduce your chance of your child being offered a place.

To apply, visit the nursery along with proof of date of birth for your child, as well as proof of address, and complete the application form. You can include up to three choices of nursery.

Taking of Photos at the Christmas Sing a Long

Just a reminder that parents/ carers attending the Christmas Sing a Long tomorrow may take photos if they wish but they must NOT share them online.

The following quote is from the Aberdeen City Council Policy:-


‘Aberdeen City Council understands that parents and families wish to record their child’s achievements.  Parents and carers are entitled to take photographs and videos of their child for their personal use. This means that any photographs/ videos taken within Aberdeen City Council establishments for purely personal use should not be uploaded onto public Internet websites or social media sites.’


Also an Aberdeen Journals photographer may come into school to take a photograph for the local newspaper. Please phone the school office and inform us if you don’t want your child to be in any photograph taken.