School Bells

Dear Parents/ Carers

To avoid confusion in the mornings, a bell will ring at 8.55am. This is for Primary 1 pupils only. Primary 1 parents should then leave the area to allow Primary 2 parents to enter. It is important that Primary 2 parenst do not enter the area until the Primary 1 parents leave. The area is too small and social distancing is not easy when everyone is there.
The next bell will ring at 9am for P2-7 pupils.
Similarly in the afternoon, a bell will ring at 2.50pm for the Primary 1 pupils to leave and then at 2.55pm for P2-7. 
Again it is important that the Primary 2 parents wait until the primary 1s have left.
Thank you for your cooperation in this.

(Acting Head Teacher)

End of Week Communication

Dear Parents/ Carers

We are at the end of our second full week of learning for our pupils. They are adapting well to the changes that have been put in place to ensure everyone’s safety and I thank you for your understanding in this.

At Loirston we are implementing a Recovery Curriculum as previously stated in line with Scottish Government guidance. This enables us to focus on the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our children as well as literacy and numeracy.

All activities are carefully planned with learning intentions and so that teachers can assess needs of their pupils. Learning experiences are designed to be as active and engaging as possible in line with the core principles of the Curriculum for Excellence.

We are still having to do our assemblies online as we cannot yet have large gatherings of pupils together. The focus of these for the next few weeks will be Emotion Works, a new programme of work that we are implementing, initially to aid recovery and to help children explore emotions, again in a fun and engaging way.

Learning grids will be shared with you soon, as last session.

We are looking forward to having our new cycle and scooter racks installed soon to help pupils actively and safely travel to school.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to complete our survey yet, please have a look at it. The survey was sent to all parents and carers by Groupcall Email and Xpressions yesterday.

Have a lovely weekend.

S. Campbell-Morgan

(Acting Head Teacher)