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Cove and Altens Community Council


Monday 26th June 2017 Loirston School 7.00 pm


  1. Welcome, Sederunt and Apologies
  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting No 311, 29th May, 2017
  3. Police/FRS/City Wardens Reports
  4. Guest Slot: 10 mins:
  5. Matters arising from Minutes of Previous Meeting
  6. Treasurer’s Report
  7. Planning matters
  8. Incoming & Outgoing Mail
  9. Chronicle / Web Site / Facebook
  10. Strategy to attract more Community Councillors
  11. Reports from Reps. attending Meetings and Sub-Committees

Christmas Lights sub-committee

Christmas Concert sub-committee

Farm Trail sub-committee

Cove Improvement Plan

Dog Friendly Cove Initiative

  1. AOCB

Date of Next Meeting: 21st August, 2017, Loirston Primary School at 7.00pm

P7 Last Class Photo

Dear Parents / Carers

The photographs recently taken of Primary 7 classes will feature in the Evening Express in special daily pull-outs from Saturday June 24th to Saturday July 1st.

Photographs can be ordered after they appear in the paper. Details of how to place your order will also appear in each supplement. Look out for them!

To purchase the photographs please do so by visiting the website or by calling one of our friendly photo-sales operators, details below.

Online – www.photoshopscotland.co.uk

Call – 0800 318 846 (Mon-Friday 8am-6pm and Sat 9am-5pm)


Sport Marathon

Just a reminder that our sports marathon is taking place tomorrow from 1.30pm – 7pm for the Primary 4-7 pupils who signed up.  All participating pupils are to come to school in their sports clothing and are reminded to return their sponsorship forms and money to Miss Tough.
Children will be provided with their first snack at 3.15pm which will consist of bananas, cereal bars and bottles of water.  At 6pm some pizzas will also be provided for the children’s tea.

If the weather takes a turn for the worst and it becomes too wet and slippy to continue we will send out a group call to all parents/carers to call off the marathon.  In the event that it needs to be cancelled we will reschedule the event and keep you posted the alternative date. Fingers crossed for some nice weather!!