Extra-Curricular Finish Dates

Dear Parents/Carers,

Mrs Greenhill’s extra-curricular clubs (netball and badminton) will have their final week next week (18 & 19 November) as the Christmas decorations will be up.

The tennis coach will have the final week on Tuesday 3rd December.

All extra-curricular will begin again on the second week of term in January.


Many thanks

Mrs Greenhill

GB Hammer Thrower Visit

Dear Parents/Carers,
On Monday 2nd December, we will have a visit from GB Hammer Thrower – Chris Bennett. He will be taking each class for a small circuit session, and afterwards he will lead an assembly based on his sporting career with an emphasis on communication, creativity, responsibility and teamwork. This is a sponsored event, however, as it is so close to Christmas, we ask please that a small donation be given instead.
Mrs Greenhill

Jewellery in PE

A reminder that no jewellery is permitted in PE, particularly earrings. This is due to injury and is in accordance with Aberdeen City Council guidelines. Any pupil who has newly pierced ears should put tape on their ears for 6 weeks, and should be removed thereafter. Pupils who wear jewellery to PE, and cannot remove it, will not be allowed to participate.

Extra-Curricular Sports

Our extra-curricular sports clubs will begin next week (4th November) and will run until the hall is set up for Christmas.
P1-3 – Zumba  – Thursday lunch
P4-7 – Netball – 3.15-4.15 – Monday
P4-7- Badminton – 3.15 – 4.15 – Tuesday
 P4-7 children will receive a consent slip to be completed if you wish your child to participate, please note this is not required for P1-3 as it is during school time.