Extra-Curricular Sports Clubs – start dates

Dear Parents/Carers,

The tennis coach will be back on Tuesday 14th January, for mornings (8-8.45) for pupils in P4-7.

Due to the hall being in use after school, Mrs Greenhill’s clubs (netball – Monday and badminton-Tuesday) will start the following week (20th January).

Lunchtime clubs – zumba (p1-3) and basketball (p4-7 for 6 weeks only) start week beginning 13th January.



Mrs Greenhill

Hammer Thrower Visit Reminder

Dear Parents/Carers,

A reminder that Chris Bennett – hammer thrower, is visiting us at school on Monday. Pupils may wear their sports kit on the day.

Please could all final donations be brought on Monday . The money gathered will go to the organisation fee and all remaining money will go towards the school technology fund.


Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Greenhill

Extra-Curricular Finish Dates

Dear Parents/Carers,

Mrs Greenhill’s extra-curricular clubs (netball and badminton) will have their final week next week (18 & 19 November) as the Christmas decorations will be up.

The tennis coach will have the final week on Tuesday 3rd December.

All extra-curricular will begin again on the second week of term in January.


Many thanks

Mrs Greenhill