Tesco will now be the supplier of our school uniform and the website is now live for ordering.  Tesco does not supply hoodies so moving forward there will only be round neck sweatshirts available for pupils, but options for cardigans and polo shirts if you wish to purchase. It is perfectly acceptable for pupils still to wear old school hoodies as we are aware there will be a period of transition.

Due to this we have the undernoted sizes available all at a reduced price of £12 per hoodie and £9 per round neck jumper.

Age 5/6 – hoodies & round neck.

Age 7/8 – hoodies

Age 7/8 round neck – SOLD OUT

9/1 0 – round neck.

11/12 – hoodies available (grey).

11/12 hoodies available (blue).

All uniform will be sold on a first come basis and are non-returnable.


National Improvement Framework

National Improvement Framework (NIF) Consultation


I have been asked to share this consultation with all parents regarding Aberdeen City’s draft National Improvement Framework plan for 2018/2019 see link


In order to understand what NIF is I have attached the National Parent Forum of Scotland nutshell which explains in plain English what the framework is about. I am aware of the short timescales so would value a speedy response. If your require further assistance in understanding the draft document please get in contact to ask further questions.


Your views on this document can be captured on this consultation link at


The form will remain open for responses until 4th September 2018.