Dear Parents/ Carers,


It has been a very busy term in school with lots of children’s achievements to celebrate.  Please take a little time to read the newsletter below which tries to capture some of the notable success for our children this term.

School Easter newsletter

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our children, families and staff a very happy and relaxed Easter break.  We look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday 15 April for the summer term.


Kind regards,


Colin Nicol

Head Teacher

Loirston School



Dear Parents/ Carers,


Please see attached the PE timetable for all classes for term 4.


PE timetable term 4


I would also like to take the opportunity to remind you of the Aberdeen City policy on jewellery and PE.


PE Guidelines


The Aberdeen City Physical Education guidelines state clearly that all jewellery must be removed for PE.

All our children are aware of their PE days.  Therefore, we would ask for your support in ensuring that on these days all jewellery is kept at home.


Jewellery is not permitted to be worn during PE lessons for reasons of personal safety.


The only exception to this situation would be if a child had recently had their ears pierced and the removal of the stud earring may increase chances of infection.  In this situation we would ask that parents place tape over their child’s stud earrings before coming to school. Teaching staff will not take on this responsibility and any child wearing stud earrings without tape will not be able to participate in PE lessons.


The school cannot be held responsible for the loss of any item of jewellery children bring to school.


Thank you for your cooperation over this matter.


Colin Nicol

Head Teacher



P7 would like to thank everyone that came along to our Wartime Performance and supporting us with our trips to The Gordon Highlanders Museum.  We are very grateful and it was a complete success.

Mrs Hidson was the lucky winner of our raffle prize.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Cove and Altens Community Council Minutes of meeting 328 Monday 25 February 2019 at Loirston School
1 Welcome, sederunt and apologies Michele McPartlin welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Community councillors: Michele McPartlin (chair), Raymond Clark, Brian Allan, Mike Duncan, Margaret Lockens, Lynn Thomson (minutes).
Other attendees: Sergeant Eoin Maxwell (A969), Neil Hendry (Head Teacher, Lochside Academy), Mhairi Stewart (Chair, Lochside Academy PTA – Parent Voice).
Residents: Jim Henderson & Wendy Suttar (Cove in Bloom), Craig Collie (resident), Susan & George Clark (Burnbanks Village Residents Association).
Apologies:, Jayne Thomson, Marlene Westland, Lauren Allanach, Cllr Sarah Duncan, Cllr Philip Sellar, Cllr Alec Nicoll, Cllr Stephen Flynn, Ian Wilson (resident), Suzanne Lumsden (resident), Jennifer Wooley (Cove & Kincorth Medical Practice)).
2 Note of previous meeting (no 0327 on 14 January 2019). Minute accepted as a true record (proposed by Mike and seconded by Raymond).
3 Police/FRS/City Wardens slot Sergeant Maxwell reported that enquiries into vandalism at the allotments were ongoing. At Charleston Primary School wing mirrors had been damaged on several cars. An assault had been reported in the industrial estate. Driver charged following recent crash on Coast Road. On the same night there had been vandalism at the Medical Centre and also at Loirston Primary School. CID were still investigating the fire-raising incident at Cove Harbour. Break in into a container in Minto Drive. Vandalism of trees in Cove: no developments to report, but no further instances of vandalism reported. More officers are being trained in using speed detection equipment. They will be able to work up to national speed limit and in darkness. George and Susan raised the issue of speeding at Burnbanks village. Many drivers did not obey the 30mph limit and the road was also used frequently by bin lorries. George and Susan have spoken to Cllr Flynn in recent years, but the speeding problems persist.
4 Guest speaker – none this month
5 Matters arising Noted that Margaret also interested in visit to Lochside Academy facilities. Planning matters: noted that “notifiable neighbours” were now within 20m of the property concerned rather than 20m of the garden boundary. Charleston Road North: planned yellow lining postponed due to bad weather at end of January, now scheduled for mid-March. Allan Park Lane: Barratt’s will provide sign once they have withdrawn from site. Michele to get more information from Jayne re dog fouling signs for the “Woodies” in Altens.
6 Treasurer’s Report [see attached] Accounts up to the end of December 2018 are now with the auditor. These are due to be submitted to ACC by 1 March 2019. Michele advised that she was waiting to hear about the cost of signs for Farmer Allan’s Track. One sign will be at end of South Loirston Road, the other at the Langdykes Road end next to wall.
7 Cove & Altens Community Council Constitution No further comments had been received from community councillors, therefore Michele and Raymond (as chair and vice chair respectively) signed off the constitution at the meeting.
8 Planning matters Mike advised that he had spoken to Jackie Thain at ACC about how to submit comments. Daniel Lewis of ACC is also organising training for CC planning officers – dates are still to be arranged. Also noted that Friends of Old Cove is not currently meeting due to lack of enthusiasm.
9 Incoming and outgoing mail A list of this month’s correspondence is attached.
10 Chronicle, website and Facebook page Chronicle: February issue had been distributed successfully. Website: Michele has sent files to Chris. Facebook page: nothing to report this month.
11 Welcome to Cove Bay sign – replacement Working Group had met on 14 February and had examined samples of granite from Leith’s. A Portuguese granite had been chosen and sign could read “Welcome to Cove and Altens”. There was agreement that the whole job should be done as a “oner” and that clarity was needed over accountability in terms of public safety, liability, maintenance etc. Noted: in order to progress sourcing of funding, when we get the estimate from Leith’s via Wendy, we would discuss how and if it goes ahead dependent on an accurate estimate.
Roses around current sign would need moved soon (whilst dormant) if they were to be transplanted successfully.
12 Neil Hendry (Head Teacher, Lochside Academy) & Mhairi Stewart (Chair, Parent Voice) Michele reported that there had been a lot of rumours about the gender neutral toilets at the academy. Neil advised that gender neutral toilets had been in use in Kemnay Academy and in many other schools for some time with no issues. There had been an issue with vandalism to the locks at Lochside but this was being addressed with the contractor fitting stronger locks. The young people at the school are going to be surveyed to get their views on the toilets. The survey will be confidential and the results shared with ACC. Neil noted that the cubicles are completely private, being closed at the top and bottom unlike older-style cubicles. He added that rumours of students having sex in the toilets were untrue Parent Voice (the Parent Council for Lochside) has now been set up. There are four office bearers and 15 interested parents from across the school’s catchment area.
[Neil and Mhairi left the meeting at 8.50pm]
13 Cove Clean Up Raymond offered to act as co-ordinator for the Clean Up. Michele has registered the event with ACC (provide gloves and pickers) and Beautiful Scotland (provide yellow tabards). Date confirmed as 20 April.
14 Reports from city councillors No councillors able to attend February meeting.
15 Christmas lights, concert, farm trail cairns etc Christmas lights: Raymond reported that the remainder of the lamp post fittings are to be converted to LED and offered to get a price for this. Michele noted that further fundraising might be needed in 2020. Concert: Hotel has been booked for the Christmas concert on 1 December 2019. Farm trail cairns: these are almost finished.
16 AOCB Brian reported that the Cove Men’s Shed was making progress. George asked about how C&ACC was funded. Michele explained that the CC got a grant of £600 from ACC and then got 7p per head on the electoral register. Jim reported that the chair of Cove Woodland Trust was looking for ideas for the land the Trust had recently purchased. Ideas already suggested include a dog park, orchard and exercise area.
17 Date of next meeting Monday 25 March 2019 (same time and venue). Meeting closed at 9.25pm.
Cove and Altens Community Council
Correspondence to 25th February, 2019
• Clean up Scotland registration Invitation
• Police contact regarding vandalism at NLGA Allotments Police suggest Youth Shelters
• Resident copied CC into correspondence with Roads re speeding on Charleston Road North – no response to date from Roads
• Cove Woodland Trust – need ideas for land use
• Karen Finch, CCLO – contact re CC insurance cover renewal
• Information from Planning, Neighbour Notifications: site boundary of building works is shown on plans within a red outline rather than the whole site boundary of the ground where the work is to be done.
• Scottish Flood Forum, Tackling Flooding, 9th March, 10.30 – 2.30, Park Inn Justice Mill Lane
• Justice for All – Communities at the centre of Community Justice.
• Inchgarth Community Centre publicity shot flagging up their facilities
• Invoice received from Scotia Animations for community Christmas lighting work. £1702.80
• Consultation: Various Small Scale Traffic Management and Development Proposals.
• Roads Hierarchy – Council Engagement – Minutes
• AWPR Balmedie to Tipperty section – summary and regulations
• Temporary Traffic Order – Loirston Road – 18th-20th February
• Grant Funding information – Communities Group
• Scottish Government – Consultation on Fireworks
• Maureen Watt MSP, response regarding HGVs using Langdykes Road
• City Recycling Officer requesting information re including an article in The Cove Chronicle
• Karen Finch – information re gender neutral toilets at Lochside Academy
• Aberdeenshire Council Supported Bus Service information
• Temporary Traffic order – Partan Skelly Avenue 25-27th February


Chair: Ms Michele McPartlin
14 Langdykes Way
Cove Bay
AB12 3HG
01224 890329
Secretary: Ms Marlene Westland
27 Sealcraig Gardens
AB12 3SH
Website www.cove-bay.com
Monday 25th March 2019 Loirston Primary School at 7 pm
1. Welcome, Sederunt and Apologies
2. Minutes of previous Meeting No 328, 25th February 2019
3. Police/FRS/City Wardens Reports
4. Guest Slot: Cllr Philip Bell, City Administration Lead, Tullos Energy from Waste Plant
5. Farm Information Cairns – Draft information displays
6. Matters arising from Minutes of previous Meeting
7. Treasurer’s Report
8. Planning Matters
9. Incoming & Outgoing Mail
10. Chronicle / Web Site / Facebook
11. Welcome to Cove Bay signage
12. Lochside Academy
13. Annual Cove Clean Up 20th April
14. Reports from Aberdeen City Councillors
15. Reports from CACC Sub-Committees and Community Council Reps. attending Meetings
• Christmas Lights sub-committee
• Christmas Concert sub-committee
16. AOCB
Date of Next Meetings (Loirston Primary School at 7pm):
29th April 2019


Account Balances Feb 2019
A/C No 1
The balance on the No.1 account on the 25/02/2019 is £7426.51. We have still to receive the February invoice from McKenzie Print which will be around £1773.00.
A/C No2 Christmas Lights and Tree
The balance on this account £4899.83. We received £81.60 from Aberdeen City Council for Christmas funding. There is a cheque to clear for £1702.80 for the invoice from Scotia Animations for the Christmas Lights. Still waiting for Aberdeen City Council to invoice for the Christmas Tree which is around £500.00. Once the unpresented cheque clears and we pay for the Christmas Tree this balance will be greatly reduced to around £2500.00.
A/C No3 Margaret Allan Legacy
The balance is £4034.04. This account covers the cost of the cairns.
A/C No4 National Savings Account
Balance on this account is £5800.83. This account has to be used for any future sports equipment. Ideas on how to spend the money will be looked at in the near future.