Dear Parents/ Carers,


Ms Forbes will leave the school staff team just after the Easter Holidays.  I am sure that staff, children and parents will want to wish her well and thank her for all her hard work here at Loirston.


The recruitment process is now in train.


A further update will be given in the near future.




Coli Nicol

Head Teacher



Dear Parents/Carers,

Aberdeen City has issued revised guidance to all city schools about access to school buildings.  These arrangements will come in to operation immediately across all city schools.

Please see main points below


Access Doors:


  1. All parents requiring access to the main school building, at any time of day, must enter via the main entrance, and report to Reception.
  2. With the exception of Nursery parents and those collecting children from after-school clubs in primary schools, parents must not be permitted to enter the school building via pupil entrance doors.
  3. Nursery parents may be permitted entry through Nursery entrances. These entrances must only be used by parents to drop off or collect their child from the Nursery class, and where appropriate to speak to staff within the Nursery. They must not use the entrance to gain access to the wider school building.
  4. Parents collecting children from after-school clubs in primary schools may be permitted to enter through a designated pupil door close to the area used by the club (For Loirston this will be the main entrance door).  Entry through this door must be controlled, either electronically or manually by the after-school club staff and parents must not be permitted access to other part of the school building after entering in this way.
  5. Where a parent has entered through a Nursery door to drop off or collect a child, and requires to speak to another member of staff in another part of the building, they must exit the building and re-enter via the main entrance.


Signing in and Visitor Badges

  1. Where possible, parents’ queries should be dealt with at the main Reception, to avoid the need for them to be given access to the main building.
  2. Where this is not possible and the parent is to be given access to the main building, they must first be asked to sign in using the school’s visitor book, and they must be issued with a visitor badge. The parent must clearly display their visitor badge whilst they are in the building.
  3. When leaving the building, parents must do so via the main entrance, where they must be asked to sign out from the visitor book, and return their visitor badge.


Appointments to Meet Staff Members

Where a parent requires to speak to a teacher or any other member of staff, they should be make an appointment in advance to do this. Where an appointment is not made in advance and a parent arrives at Reception unannounced, it cannot be guaranteed that the member of staff will be available to meet with them.


Sharing Information with the school 

In addition to the above guidelines I would ask that parents./carers who have information they wish to pass on to the school/ class teacher about their child does so either via a phone call to the school office or through a written note.  This is more efficient than trying to catch a class teacher taking in school lines at the start of the day when teachers are taking responsibility for oversight of the whole class.


If your child is late for school please bring them to the main school entrance and a member of staff will take them through to their class.




Our Eco Group has recently arranged for a Rag Bag recycling unit to be set up near the front entrance to the school.  Donations of old clothes and shoes can be deposited in the unit.  The school will receive a proportion of the funds raised through the recycling of these items.  Therefore, we would welcome any donations from the community to support this recycling initiative.

Thank you for your support.

Colin Nicol

Head Teacher