Loirston School and Nursery Improvement Plan 2019/20

Before the end of the current school session we are keen to get feedback from parents/carers on our proposed improvement priorities for next session.


The recent Improvement Plan workshop we ran with the Parent Council was very helpful in getting some initial feedback.


Please see the attached proforma summarising our draft improvement plans.  Please use the school’s e-mail address – Loirston@aberdeencity.gov.uk – to send us your comments about our draft plans.


There will also be an opportunity to gives us feedback at the forthcoming parents’ evenings.



Colin Nicol

Head Teacher


SIP parents’ leaflet 201920


You will shortly receive letters with appointment times for our second set of Parents’ Evenings this session.  The Parents Evenings will run on Tuesday 4th  6pm – 8pm and Thursday 6th June, 3.30pm – 5.30pm.


We would like to use the Parent Evenings as an opportunity to seek your feedback on the new homework approach introduced during this session.  We would also like to seek your feedback on our draft improvement plan priorities for session 2019/20.  We will be running the survey exercises in the main hall.


The Parent Council will attend on both Parents’ Evenings with information about the work of the Parent Council and they would be keen to listen to your views.  They shall also be running a book fayre on both evenings.  The book fayre will also run during the school day each afternoon during the week beginning 3rd June.



Dear Parents/ Carers,


The report from the Care Inspectorate visit to our nursery in March 2019 is now available on the Care Inspectorate website.  The report can be accessed through the link below.






The report acknowledges that the nursery has overtaken or made good progress towards meeting the recommendations from the previous inspection visit in June 2018.


I would like to thank the nursery team for all their hard work in undertaking the improvements they have achieved.




Colin Nicol

Head Teacher

Loirston School and Nursery


Loirston Primary Parent Council Meeting

Wednesday 8th May 2019, 6.15pm-6.30pm start

Yellow 8 Kitchen, Loirston Primary School – All Welcome



  • Welcome/Apologies


  • Approve minutes of last meeting/review outstanding actions


  • Fundraising committee update
  • Easter Bingo
  • Upcoming events
  • Tablet funding project


  • Treasurers Report


  • School Update
  • Nursery follow through visit by Care Inspectorate
  • P7 transition
  • Staffing update


  • Chairperson Notes
  • Constitution update
  • Termly meetings
  • Improvement Plan workshop feedback


  • AOB
  • Dogs in playground
  • P7 Dalguise trip 2020
  • Nursery engagement
  • Parents nights
  • Schedule for fibre coming to the school
  • Other


  • Date of next meeting 25th June