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Drop-In Open Event


Thank you for supporting the open event yesterday evening.  All the sessions were busy and we appreciate the time parents took to give us feedback.


One theme of the feedback was to provide more information to parents/ carers about how the school is supporting children to develop their literacy skills particularly spelling.


The school is currently embedding Emerging Literacy and Active Literacy approaches across the school.  A short booklet for parents/ carers explaining these approaches will go out to each family today.

Drop-In Open Evening

We shall be holding a “drop in” open evening on Tuesday 29th January in the gym hall/ community lounge at the school.

At the event parents/carers will be provided with more information about:

  • The new approach to home learning particularly the online resources for maths/numeracy
  • The use of our interactive learning diary
  • Changes to our systems for promoting positive behaviour

The open evening will run between 4.30pm and 6. 30pm.This event will be divided in to 4 half hour slots.

4.30pm – 5.00pm

5.00pm – 5.30pm

5.30pm – 6.00pm

6.00pm – 6.30pm

Please use the weblink/ QR Code below to indicate which of the half-hour slots you are likely to attend.



If you are unable to attend one of the above slots then information about the open evening topics will be posted on our school blog/website.




We would encourage all parents/carers to sign up to the blog to receive e-mail alerts about updates.




Head Teacher

Home Learning Review

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Home Learning Review

Thank you for the very good response to the homework survey we undertook during the Parents’ Evenings in November.

Pupils across P4-P7 were also surveyed.

During the November in-service we used your feedback to inform our review of our home learning.  We have also researched approaches used in other schools.

We are now planning to introduce a new approach to home learning which will start from the week beginning Monday 28 January 2019.

The new approach aims to consolidate learning and skills in literacy and numeracy and to give children opportunities to use their learning in real life situations such as home routines and community activities.

Our new home learning approach will include:

  • Encouraging reading for enjoyment through providing regular opportunities to borrow books to take home from our new school library (visits will also continue to the Cove library as at present)
  • Providing phonics (P1) / reading tasks
  • Setting periodic research tasks/ preparation of individual talk tasks
  • Use of a termly numeracy/ maths grid to reinforce prior learning. The grid will have suggestions for the use of licensed websites which our children have individual log-ins for and further suggestions for how they can use their learning and skills in everyday home and community settings.
  • Lastly, all children will be given skills for life grids with suggested tasks designed to support them to develop a wider range of relevant knowledge and skills. Children will be encouraged to work towards achieving the tasks in the skills grid throughout the whole year

The school is planning for a drop in open event later this month for parents/carers to learn more about the new approach to home learning.

The school places high importance on building a strong home learning partnership with all parents/carers.    We believe the new approach to home learning will help children to better understand the relevance of their learning in school to real life situations.  It will also enable parents/carers to take advantage of home routines and everyday situations to encourage their children to continue to their learning out-with school.

Thank you for your continued support.

Colin Nicol

Head Teacher


Tesco will now be the supplier of our school uniform and the website is now live for ordering.  Tesco does not supply hoodies so moving forward there will only be round neck sweatshirts available for pupils, but options for cardigans and polo shirts if you wish to purchase. It is perfectly acceptable for pupils still to wear old school hoodies as we are aware there will be a period of transition.

Due to this we have the undernoted sizes available all at a reduced price of £12 per hoodie and £9 per round neck jumper.

Age 5/6 – hoodies & round neck.

Age 7/8 – hoodies

Age 7/8 round neck – SOLD OUT

9/1 0 – round neck.

11/12 – hoodies available (grey).

11/12 hoodies available (blue).

All uniform will be sold on a first come basis and are non-returnable.