• Around the World in 80 Days Upload Mileage Here


To celebrate world book day 2019 we would like to encourage the children to share a story.

On Thursday 7th March children are invited to come to school in their pyjamas/onesies and bring in their favourite story.

Children will have the opportunity throughout the day to share their favourite story they have brought in with other children.

All children will receive a World Book Day Voucher.


There have been recent reports that some seemingly innocent videos on YouTube and YouTube Kids (such as ‘surprise eggs’, unboxing videos and Minecraft videos) have been edited by unknown sources to include violence provoking and/or other inappropriate content. This content may be shared with your child via social media channels: SnapChat, WhatsApp, Instagram and others.  This content may encourage your child to self-harm or carry out some other “challenge”.  As a parent, it’s difficult to spot these videos as the harmful content doesn’t appear until partway through the video.

To protect your child from such harmful content, we recommend that you talk with your child on an ongoing basis about what he or she is accessing and about how to stay safe online.  Reminding your child to tell you about anything upsetting that they encounter online is very important.  Having regular and open dialogues about what your child is accessing will encourage them to talk to you if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable with any content online or bullying behaviours.

Monitoring of your child’s devices can also help to ensure they are safe online.   Seemingly innocent and harmless children’s apps and videos can be used to share disturbing content and to encourage children to contact individuals that they do not know.  Regular monitoring of your child’s devices will bring this to your attention quickly and allow you to take appropriate action.

You may find the following links useful to support keeping your child safe.







The parent council e-mail address is:- pcloirston@aberdeen.npfs.org.uk if anyone would like to provide feedback or share anything at the meeting.


Loirston Primary Parent Council Meeting

Tuesday 5th March 2019, 6.15pm-6.30pm start

Community Lounge, Loirston Primary School – All Welcome


  • Welcome/Apologies


  • Approve Minutes of last meeting/review outstanding actions


  • Fundraising committee update
    • Valentines Disco
    • Upcoming Events: Easter Bingo, Summer Disco, Prom
    • Tablet Funding Project
    • Other


  • Treasurers Report


  • School Update
    • Homework Policy feedback
    • Parent Open Evenings feedback
    • Improvement Plan update
    • Staffing Update
    • Promoting Positive Behaviour
    • Other


  • Chairperson Notes:
    • Aberdeen City Parent Forum Meeting – minutes
    • Termly Parent Meeting 26th February with Donna Cuthill
    • Termly Newsletter suggestions


  • AOCB
    • Parental Engagement workshop
    • Other


  • Date of Next Meeting 8th May 2019



Dear Parents/Carers,
Due to the success of last year’s Big Battery Hunt we have decided to take part in the campaign again this year. This nationwide campaign is one of the largest recycling challenges in UK and will help us make a difference to our planet.
Each pupil will be given an individual collection box to fill with batteries and there is also a main battery bin at the front of the school. All battery boxes must be returned by Friday 17th May.
There are some fantastic prizes to be won for our school and even iPads for winning pupils. Remember to ask your friends and family to increase our chances of winning!
For more information visit:

The Big Battery Hunt

Happy Hunting!
Many Thanks,
The Eco Committee and Miss McCallum


Volunteering Opportunity


Volunteering Opportunity


Parents Needed for School Placings and Exclusions Appeal Committee


Aberdeen City School Placings and Exclusions Appeals Committee considers appeals against the refusal of school placing requests or against exclusion from schools as required by the Education (Scotland) Act 1980. At present, we are looking to recruit new members to the Committee’s pool.

In Aberdeen, the current practice is for an Appeals Committee to be made up of three members, comprising a mix of the following: an elected member of the Council (a Councillor); a person considered to have expertise in education; and parents of a child in education at an Aberdeen City school who are current or previous members of a Parent Council or are actively involved in the life of the school.

Membership of the Committee is not a paid position, but travel expenses are reimbursed.  Training will be provided to successful applicants and PVG checks will require to be undertaken prior to appointments being confirmed.   Any new member would also require to observe the proceedings prior to actually participating in a meeting.

Information on the role of the Committee as well as the necessary application forms can be found at the following link: https://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/services/council-and-democracy/get-involved-council/join-school-placings-and-exclusions-appeal-committee

If you want to discuss the role further please contact Allison Swanson, Committee Officer direct on 01224 522822  or  EducationAppeals@aberdeencity.gov.uk

Home Learning

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have now uploaded the termly over-views to the Home Learning section of  our website.  Paper copies of the one page overviews were sent home previously but we felt that it would also be useful for parents/carers to be able to see these online too.  The overviews provide a summary of the focus for learning in each class this term.  New over-views will be sent home at the start of term 4.

We also have now uploaded the Skills Grids and the Numeracy/Maths Grids to our Home Learning section of our website.  Paper copies of the grids were recently sent home as part of our new home learning approach.  We felt that that it would be useful for parents/carers to see these online too.


Colin Nicol

Head Teacher